Necessary Chances: Synchronicity In The Encounters That Tansform Us 20th anniversary

February 14, 2021

This is the video of the 20th anniversary presentation of my works on Synchronicity for the Pari Center.

 – People often enter our lives in mysterious ways. We have all met ‘by accident’ a person who crossed our path and radically altered our trajectory and opened a new door that helped us to enter a new universe. What predisposes us to such meetings? Who are these Trickster’s messengers—not necessarily people, as they can also take the forms of books or movies—that lead us to cross a new threshold?

In the light of the new sciences and cinema, this presentation by Jean-François Vézina, a clinical psychologist and past president of the Jungian Society of Quebec, introduces more than 20 years of his research trying to understand the fascinating question of synchronistic encounters. Vézina’s presentation takes the form of a video he made specifically for this event, for which he wrote both script and music.

And there is the link to buy the full event with the discussion

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